Privacy & Compliance

MobileFuse only monetizes US & Canada traffic and is compliant with privacy regulations in these jurisdictions.

If we receive a bid request for user located outside of the US or Canada, we will immediately filter the request and respond with a 400 Bad Request HTTP status code.

We respect all known privacy & regulatory signals, noted below. In all cases where a positive opt out is determined, we discard any PII and anonymize the request to respect the user's privacy.

Users can opt out using known signals below or by opting out using the instructions in our privacy policy.

COPPAThe request indicates that it is for someone under the age of 13, according to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
AgeIf we receive the age/year of birth in a bid request and it is <13, we will treat it as a COPPA request.
ATTSThe request indicates that it is for an iOS device in which the user opted out of app tracking via the App Tracking Transparency Status.
Limit Ad TrackingThe request comes from a user who has opted to limit ad tracking in their device settings.
Do Not TrackThe request comes from a user with the "do not track" setting enabled on their device.
GPPThe privacy signals are specified in the Global Privacy Platform field. As of Jan 30, 2024, we support US National and Canada as well as the following states: CA, CO, CT, UT, VA, with plans to support others as they come into effect.
US PrivacyThe privacy signals are specified in the legacy US Privacy format for CCPA compliance. These signals are converted into the newer GPP format before being interpreted.



MobileFuse does not monetize traffic in the EU and therefore does not implement GDPR nor are we on the EU TCF vendor list as a result.