Inventory Policies

Supply partners are most successful with MobileFuse when their inventory aligns with our demand. There are some requirements which must be abided by to work with us, while others are recommendations to maximize your revenue potential and the user experience.

Requirements to integrate

  • Only send bid requests for Supported Countries.
  • Retrieve consent via local privacy regulations before sharing PII such as IFA or lat/lon.
  • Make sure valid browser user-agent is supplied.
  • MobileFuse app-ads.txt lines have been uploaded according to the latest ads.txt spec.
  • OwnerDomain must be specified with your corporate domain and matches your entry in our sellers.json.
  • Only send a single request per impression opportunity.
  • Instream video must be set to "sound on" by default at player start or have explicitly clear user intent to watch the video content. While there may be other accompanying content, the video content must be the focus of the user's visit. It should remain the primary content on the page and the only video player in-view when playing. If the player converts to floating/sticky subsequent ad calls should accurately convey the updated player size.
  • Any other video inventory than instream that meets the above point must be indicated to your MF rep so it can be properly classified as outstream.
  • Only one outstream video can play within your app at any given time.
    If you have allowed us to run video demand on your display placements, be sure to let us know if there are situations where you have multiple banners and/or MRECs (including if you reuse a MobileFuse placement ID) so we can work with you to break out a separate placement ID to differentiate the supply that is eligible for video vs the supply that is not.
    If you are sending us outstream video bid requests on your own, please ensure you are only sending the video bid requests for a single placement on the view/page.
  • Ad refresh must be limited to intervals of 30 seconds or more and must occur only while in-view.
  • Global Placement ID (GPID) must be provided by your mediation layer via imp.ext.gpid to indicate a unique, consistent placement ID across all bidders.
  • Transaction ID must be provided by your mediation layer via source.tid to indicate a unique transaction ID for each impression opportunity across all bidders.
  • Placements near news content must be properly indicated via with IAB12 and/or by indicating to your MF rep.
  • Rewarded video placements must be indicated to your MF rep.

Recommendations to maximize yield, efficiency, and security

  • Pass IFA and GPS location (with consent) to greatly increase value.
  • Use GZIP compression to reduce bandwidth consumption.
  • Utilize HTTPS endpoints to ensure encryption during transit.
  • Ensure that creatives are rendered within 5 minutes of the bid request, or the transaction may not be recorded.
  • Use only one imp object per request is supported; additional imp objects will be ignored.
  • Leverage RampID & UID2 when the user has consented.