The MobileFuse SDK is supported as an official bidding network for Chartboost Mediation.

Supported Formats

The MobileFuse SDK is supported as an official adapter for Chartboost Mediation. The following ad formats are supported:

  • Interstitial
  • Banner
  • Medium Rectangle
  • Rewarded

Current Versions

PlatformVersionCompatible ChartBoost SDK VersionRelease Date
Android4. December 2023
iOS4. December 2023

Step 1. Include the adapter into your app

Including our adapter into your app is very simple - follow the guide on Chartboost for integration details:

Step 2. Configure your app

On the Chartboost Mediation console, ensure that your app is imported and available:

Select the "Networks" section, and add MobileFuse from the "Select Network" dropdown which can be found under the Bidding Networks section:

Select "MobileFuse" from the Bidding Networks dropdown

Select "MobileFuse" from the Bidding Networks dropdown

Enter your API Key and App ID, then press the '+' button:

You should now see the MobileFuse network is listed in the Bidding Networks section of your app:

Step 3. Configure your placements

Select a placement that you would like to enable MobileFuse for. Similar to above, open the dropdown under the "Bidding" section, and select MobileFuse from the list:

You will be prompted to add your Tag ID - this will be supplied by your MobileFuse contact, enter your tag ID in the field provided, and click the "+" button.

You should now see "MobileFuse" as an enabled network.

Step 4. Test your integration and release

Your will need to update your app to include the MobileFuse Chartboost Mediation adapter, you can use the following guide to test the SDK integration: