MAX Console Setup

Setting up the AppLovin MAX console to access the MobileFuse adapter



If you are only using bidding placements then you can skip this step. These steps are required for waterfall placements only.

This step only needs to be done once per MAX account, if you have already set up our custom network in the AppLovin MAX console, continue on to Step 2: Setup MAX Ad Units

Add the MobileFuse Custom Network

In the MAX publisher console, select Manage β†’ Networks. At the bottom of the list of ad networks, click on β€œClick here to add a Custom Network”

Click to add a Custom Network

The β€œManage Network” page will appear with several options, set them to the following:

Network TypeSDK
Custom Network NameMobileFuse
iOS Adapter Class NameALMobileFuseMediationAdapter
Android / Fire OS Adapter Class Namecom.applovin.mediation.adapters.MobileFuseMediationAdapter



Ensure that you fill out both the iOS and Android fields, even if you only intend to use MobileFuse on a single platform

After filling out the above information, press β€œSave”, and ensure that MobileFuse is now visible in the list of networks

Configure the MobileFuse network

Configure the MobileFuse network

Check that MobileFuse is now listed in your Networks page

Check that MobileFuse is now listed in your Networks page

What’s Next

Configure the ad units for your app: