These instructions give an overview of integrating the MobileFuse SDK with your Android app.


Mediation Platforms

If you want to integrate using a mediation platform such as AppLovin MAX or AdMob Mediation, please go here:

Current Version

Android SDK: <<sdkVersionAndroid>>

Released April 19th 2024

Integration Steps Overview

Step 1. Add the MobileFuse SDK to your app

The MobileFuse SDK is distributed on Maven Central and we recommend including the SDK into your project using Gradle.

Gradle setup

Ensure that mavenCentral is included in your settings.gradle file:

repositories {
    // [... other project repos]

Update your app module’s dependencies to include the MobileFuse SDK:

dependencies {
    // [... other project dependencies]
    implementation 'com.mobilefuse.sdk:mobilefuse-sdk-core:<<sdkVersionAndroid>>'

Step 2. Configure Data Privacy

Follow our guide to set up Data Privacy

  • Ensure that you configure ATTS in your app
  • Provide any relevant consent strings (US Privacy, TCF, and/or GPP)

Step 3. Create Ad Units

The following guides provide steps to get started with each of our supported ad formats:

Testing your integration

Read our guide on testing your integration: