Including the AppLovin MAX Adapter for Unity into your app

Import the MobileFuse adapter UnityPackage

Download the MobileFuse adapter unity package below, the current version is

This adapter supports Android and iOS.

Import the files from this Unity package into your project.

Be sure to resolve dependencies when performing a build. The MobileFuse SDK uses the same dependency manager that Applovin MAX uses - on Android this will resolve our package using Gradle, and on iOS CocoaPods will be used. If you have a custom build process on iOS, be sure that you do a cocoapods update/install before build and that you see the MobileFuse SDK dependencies being included.

Configure Data Privacy

To ensure highest fill and CPMs, it’s advisable to configure the data privacy preferences of your user, preferably before initializing the MAX SDK.

The MobileFuse SDK supports privacy configurations that can be managed using an IAB compatible US Privacy String, and IAB Consent Framework strings for GDPR. You can also notify the SDK whether your user subject to COPPA, due to them being under 13 years of age.

The following snippet demonstrates configuration for the US privacy and COPPA compliance:

using MobileFuseAds;
using MobileFuseAds.Privacy;

void SetupAppLovinMax() {
    var mfPrivacyPrefs = new MobileFusePrivacyPreferences.Builder()
        .SetSubjectToCoppa(false) // should be true if user is under 13 years of age
        .SetUsPrivacyConsentString("<US Privacy String>") // e.g. 1YNN
    // ...

GDPR for European users

For your European users, you must supply an IAB-compatible privacy consent string. The following example shows how to declare consent for a user which is subject to GDPR due to being located in an EAA country. Note that this can simply be chained to the same MobileFusePrivacyPreferences.Builder() as above.

var mfPrivacyPrefs = new MobileFusePrivacyPreferences.Builder()
    .SetIabConsentString("<IAB Consent String>")