Client Side VAST Tags

Although OpenRTB is the desired implementation method, it is possible to access MobileFuse demand using a client-side VAST tag. A video tag looks like the following. You should be sure to set up your ad server to replace the macros with relevant values.${BUNDLE}&ifa=${IFA}&ifv=${IFV}&lat=${LATITUDE}&lon=${LONGITUDE}&lltype=${LAT_LON_TYPE}&pos=${POSITION}&age=${AGE}&gender=${GENDER}&pchain=${PAY_ID}&us_privacy=${US_PRIVACY}&consent=${CONSENT}&gpp=${GPP_STRING_XXXXX}&gpp_sid=${GPP_SID}&dnt=${DNT}&ctx=${CONTENT_CONTEXT}&mimes=${MIME_TYPES}&minduration=${MIN_DURATION}&maxduration=${MAX_DURATION}&minbitrate=${MIN_BITRATE}&maxbitrate=${MAX_BITRATE}&protocols=${PROTOCOLS}&apis=${APIS}&pt=${PLACEMENT_TYPE}&pm=${PLAYBACK_METHOD}&sd=${START_DELAY}&cb=${CACHEBUSTER}&cat=${CAT}&contentrating=${CONTENT_RATING}&episode=${EPISODE}&genre=${GENRE}&language=${LANGUAGE}&len=${LEN}&livestream=${LIVESTREAM}&season=${SEASON}&series=${SERIES}&title=${TITLE}&contenturl=${CONTENT_URL}


All parameters should be URL encoded where necessary. If you are unable to provide a parameter, you should remove it from the tag. IP and User Agent macros are not needed as the information will be detected from the headers. Items marked with an asterisk are highly recommended to maximize earning potential.

idYesMobileFuse-provided ID for this ad unit
wYes, if not using sizeWidth in pixels
hYes, if not using sizeHeight in pixels
sizeYes, if not using w & hWidth in height in the form of wxh, eg. 320x50
bundleYesOn Android, this should be a bundle or package name (e.g., On iOS, it should be a numeric ID.
ifaNo*Identifier For Advertisers (aka IDFA)
ifvNo*Identifier For Vendors (aka IDFV)
latNo*Latitude expressed as a float
lonNo*Longitude expressed as a float
lltypeNo*Lat/Lon type, ie. how was lat/lon collected?
1 = GPS/Location Services
2 = IP Address
3 = User provided (eg. registration data)
posNoPosition of ad in the viewport
0 = Unknown
1 = Above Fold
3 = Below Fold
7 = Fullscreen
schainYes, if not a direct publisherThe serialized form of the supply chain object. Only required if the publisher’s relationship with MobileFuse is not direct.
pchainstringPayment ID chain string containing embedded syntax described in the TAG Payment ID Protocol v1.0.
instlNoWhether this ad unit is within an interstitial or not
0 = No
1 = Yes
tidYesTransaction ID
ageNo*Age or year of birth of user (eg. 51, 24, 1988, 1957)
genderNo*Gender of user. Lowercase values will work as well
M = Male
F = Female
O = Other
dntNoDo not track (or limit ad tracking, since we treat both the same way)
0 = No
1 = Yes
us_privacyNoUS privacy string, required jurisdictions where legally enforced
consentNoTCF2 consent string for Canadian users, gpp is recommended instead
gppNoGPP string, required in jurisdictions where legally enforced
gpp_sidNoGPP section id. Comma separated for multiple sections
coppaNoBoolean to specify if the transaction is subject to COPPA or not
0 = No
1 = Yes
titleNoContent title (e.g. Search Committee)
seriesNoContent series (e.g. The Office)
genreNoGenre that best describes the content
lenNoLength of content in seconds
ctxNoType of content (game, video, text, etc.).
1 = Video
2 = Game
3 = Music
4 = Application
5 = Text
6 = Other
7 = Unknown
testNoIndicator of test mode in which auctions are not billable
0 = Live
1 = Test
mimesNo*Comma separated list of the player’s supported mime types (eg. video/mp4)
mindurationNoMinimum duration allowed in seconds
maxdurationNoMaximum duration allowed in seconds
minbitrateNoMinimum bitrate allowed in Kbps
maxbitrateNoMaximum bitrate allowed in Kbps
protocolsNo*Comma separated list of supported video protocol IDs
1 = VAST 1.0
2 = VAST 2.0
3 = VAST 3.0
4 = VAST 1.0 Wrapper
5 = VAST 2.0 Wrapper
6 = VAST 3.0 Wrapper
7 = VAST 4.0
8 = VAST 4.0 Wrapper
9 = DAAST 1.0
10 = DAAST 1.0 Wrapper
apisNo*Comma separated list of supported video API IDs
1 = VPAID 1.0
2 = VPAID 2.0
3 = MRAID-1
5 = MRAID-2
6 = MRAID-3
7 = OMID-1
pmNoPlayback method that is used, if none is specified, any may be used:
1 = Initiates on Page Load with Sound On
2 = Initiates on Page Load with Sound Off by Default
3 = Initiates on Click with Sound On
4 = Initiates on Mouse-Over with Sound On
5 = Initiates on Entering Viewport with Sound On
6 = Initiates on Entering Viewport with Sound Off by Default
sdNoIndicates the start delay in seconds for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll:
Value > 0 = Mid-Roll (value indicates start delay in second)
0 = Pre-Roll
-1 = Generic Mid-Roll
-2 = Generic Post-Roll
ptNoPlacement type for the impression:
1 = In-Stream
2 = In-Banner
3 = In-Article
4 = In-Feed
5 = Interstitial
cbNoRecommended to ensure requests are not cached by client
catNoContent category
contentratingNoContent rating (e.g., MPAA)
episodeNoEpisode number
genreNoGenre that best describes the content (e.g., rock, pop, etc)
languageNoContent language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2 (i.e., EN)
lenNoLength of content in seconds; appropriate for video or audio
livestreamNo0 = not live

1 = content is live (e.g., stream, live blog)
seasonNoContent season (e.g., “Season 3”)
seriesNoContent series.

Video Examples: “The Office” (television), “Star Wars” (movie), or “Arby ‘N’ The Chief” (made for web).

Non-Video Example: “Ecocentric” (Time Magazine blog)
titleNoContent title.

Video Examples: “Search Committee” (television), “A New Hope” (movie), or “Endgame” (made for web).

Non-Video Example: “Why an Antarctic Glacier Is Melting So Quickly” (Time magazine article)
contenturlNoURL of the content, for buy-side contextualization or review
languageNoLanguage used by user's device