Prebid Membership

MobileFuse is community member and we are part of the Prebid Server committee.

MobileFuse supports Prebid Mobile utilizing a Prebid Server adapter. Prebid Mobile is an open-source library to quickly implement a header bidding solution for mobile in-app environment. Our prebid adapter is for mobile app traffic, supporting both banner and video media types, and should not be used in a Prebid.js application.

Prebid Adapter

JSON configuration details can also be found within’s Prebid Server Bidders listing:


Below is a simplified version of the JSON configuration for our Prebid server adapter:

    "bidder": "mobilefuse",
    "params": {
      "placement_id": INSERT_PLACEMENT_ID_HERE,


Please be sure to update the parameters below when implementing based on the ids you receive from MobileFuse.

placement_idintegerProvided by MobileFuse, identifies specific ad space
pub_idintegerProvided by MobileFuse, identifies specific publisher